Attitude, commitment,
humility and transparency

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Our steps come from afar.

The first integrated logistics company (4PL) in Brazil was founded by specialists with over 25 years of experience in logistics and foreign trade. Since 2011, Vendemmia has been dedicated to offering its customers projects that combine (OR include) warehousing, export, import, customs clearance, inventory management, and transportation.

To ensure the best route, we rely on the best partners. Furthermore, our skilled in-house team is ready to understand our client’s needs and offer solutions connected by our digital platform - Vendemmia Analytics. Companies can track transits in real time through customized services and unified operations.

DHow do we do this?

By understanding the needs of our customers, the market in which they operate, and how Vendemmia can collaborate with the success of their business. Using the most modern technological tools, we offer an expanded view of the business with a range of tax, fiscal, customs, and logistics solutions..

Always learning, we strive to exceed our client's expectations by connecting People and Businesses.

Do you want to break new ground? Come along with us!

Our way of working

"We believe that logistics moves the world, and we shorten distances."

Over 10 years of commitment, dedication, and passion for what we do.

It is not just rolling up our sleeves and starting a new day. At Vendemmia, work is done with focus and full attention on the client. Thus, we can propose projects and solutions tailored to the needs of each business, reducing operational costs and optimizing processes.

We combine innovation, technology, and transparency. The client follows the entire supply chain during its processes with 100% digital visibility, from the beginning of negotiations to delivery, with monitoring and completely humanized service. Here, the client is never alone.

We think differently.
First, we think about the purpose of our company. Then we work out how we will achieve the goal and what we will do to deliver the best service to our clients.


We are here to bridge distances through human connections.


We offer convenience in a digital, accessible, and connected environment.


Product purchase, transport, warehousing, and delivery.


Quality in all processes

Vendemmia aims to deliver the best service to its customers and understands the need to adapt to the standards that ensure its excellence.

For this reason, it is constantly improving to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 to maintain its certification.

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Logística Integrada - 4PL

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Let's work together to find the best solution for your business!

Integrated logistics brings together all processes involving the supply chain, from the purchase of raw materials to delivery to the final customer.

A specialist in this segment, Vendemmia boasts a platform having technology and total visibility of processes to design, build and provide solutions for company supply chains.

By relying on an integrated logistics company such as Vendemmia, it is possible to obtain different advantages and benefits due to its strong (OR extensive) market performance.